Paint Correction

paint-correctionPaint correction actually removes any swirls, blemishes, or scratches on the paintwork to create a mirror-like shine. It involves delicately buffing away the fine topmost layer of clear coat on a vehicle's paintwork, leaving it flawless.

This is an art and a balancing act. Our mission as IDA certified detailers is to preserve your vehicles finish. This means we must balance perfection with how much clear we can safely remove.

Manufactures have been cutting back how thick the paint layers are on their vehicles for years. Back in the day we could aggressively "buff" a vehicle numerous times over the years without worry. Now we must take several paint measurements to safely determine how much we can safely correct your paint.

With over 20 years of experience you can trust your paint is in good hands.

If scratches or swirls are your concern, we can inspect your vehicle and determine the best course of action.

We strongly recommend paint protection, such as PPF or Ceramic Coating to protect your vehicle after correction.

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