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IGL Coatings are the go-to coatings for every vehicle. It's 100% silica content and eco friendly formula preserves and protects your automotive's exterior and interior while reducing the cost of maintenance. IGL ceramic coatings are the absolute best products to protect your investment. Ceramic coatings make maintenance a breeze and will have your ride looking like new much longer than conventional methods. NEVER WAX AGAIN!

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Why Ceramic Coatings

#1.) PROTECTION! - Ceramic coatings are a revolutionary auto detailing product used to protect interior and exterior surfaces. This protective shield provides durable protection from common environmental contaminants including insect acids, road salt, bird droppings, oxidation, swirling, minor scratches and helps protect the vehicle from the damaging rays of the sun. It’s these properties, along with the hydrophobicity, that separates ceramic coatings from the archaic waxes or sealants.

#2.) GLOSS! - Insane high gloss "wet look" that last years NOT months. Ceramic Coatings provide UV protection that keep your cars finish from fading. They actually enhance your vehicles finish to boost shine. You'll experience a freshly waxed look after every wash.

#3.) EASY CLEANING! - Not only do coated vehicles stay cleaner longer, but they're an absolute breeze to maintain. Ceramic Coatings keep many contaminents from bonding to your paint and repel dirt and water like no other product. Interior and exterior coatings take half the time to clean.

#4.) HYDROPHOBIC - Defined as: tending to repel or fail to mix with water.
Does dirt and water tend to cling to your vehicle? Not any more! Traditional waxes only last a couple months. Ceramic Coatings last years and will repel water, mud & chocolate shakes like you've never seen before from paint, leather, trim, glass and more!

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Ceramic Coating Guide

We offer a wide variety of coatings to meet your budget and exceed your expectations!
*Prices range from $499 - $2,000 depending upon the coating(s) and the amount of paint correction desired.

Step 1.) We choose the package that best suites your needs and schedule your appointment at our location. Please note that for most of our coatings we need to have the vehicle for 24 hours. We typically require a deposit for ceramic coatings.

Step 2.) We thoroughly wash, decontaminate and examine your vehicle's paint.

Step 3.) We take several paint thickness readings to determine how much correction can be done without damaging your clear coat.

Step 4.) We perform a test spot to see which product / method will achieve the best results.
(*It is at this point we may need to contact you if more work is required)

Step 5.) We start the process of correcting your vehicles paint and/or chrome, glass, trim, etc.

Step 6.) We use a precoat cleaner to remove any left over residue while we examine the paint prior to coating.

Step 7.) The fun part! We apply the coating. Most of our coatings are a 2-3 step process. Which means the "base" layer is applied first and then cured before applying the "top" layer.

Step 8.) We then leave the vehicle inside to cure in a controlled environment over night. Depending on the coating we then apply a sealant the next morning that protects the coating while it continues to cure over the next few days.

Step 9.) Your vehicle is complete and you're blown away by how great it looks.
Please note that you can't wash your vehicle for 7 days.

Step 10.) Please tell your friends and leave us a review!
We also would like to see your vehicle every six months to make sure the coating is performing properly. We'll also use a ceramic booster at this visit to maximize the longevity of the coating.


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