Exterior Detail Service

Clean, rejuvenate and protect your vehicle's finish with our exterior detail service. Includes a single stage all in one polish for an economical approach to maintaining the vehicles finish. This service restores depth and gloss while also creating a hydrophobic layer to protect your vehicle's paint from UV rays and environmental fallout for months.

  • Gentle handwash w/ pH balanced car soap.
  • Forced Air & Soft Towel Dry
  • Clean Wheels & Whitewalls
  • Clean Door Jambs
  • Bugs, Sap & Tar Properly Removed
  • Light acid rain / water spots removed
  • Clay Treatment Removes Bonded Contaminants
  • Wheel wells, tires, rims cleaned & dressed
  • Chrome Trim Polished & Protected
  • Clean Exterior Windows
  • Premium paste wax or sealant applied to seal and protect painted surfaces


ADD IGL 1-step polish + 100% carnauba paste wax for $99!

* All prices are estimates based on average condition vehicles, additional charges may apply.
** Excessive pet hair is additional to all packages.

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